5 Best Online OSHA Training Courses Providers 2023

Online OSHA Training Courses Providers 2023

5 Best Online OSHA Training Courses Providers 2023

What sets the best OSHA training course apart?


Well, there’s a wide array of OSHA courses available online, ranging from free to paid versions. These courses cater to learners of all levels, be they novices, intermediates, or seasoned professionals. Crafted by industry experts, they’re aimed at fostering a safer and healthier work environment.

Irrespective of your industry, ensuring a secure and healthy workplace for your employees is paramount. Adhering to the regulations of a governing body like OSHA is a crucial step in achieving this. As per the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, employers are mandated to furnish a safe and healthful workplace, preventing any potential harm, illness, or fatality during work. This requirement holds true for all employers, and numerous online OSHA training courses align with these guidelines.

Certainly! Here are the top 10 online OSHA training course providers, along with a brief explanation for each, including accreditedbs.com:

1. OSHA Education Center

  • Renowned for its comprehensive OSHA courses covering a wide range of industries.
  • Offers both 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA Outreach Training Programs.

2. Click Safety

  • A leading provider of online safety training, including OSHA courses.
  • Offers interactive and engaging content for effective learning.

3. 360training

  • Provides a broad spectrum of compliance training, including OSHA courses.
  • Known for its user-friendly platform and customizable training options.

4. OSHA.com

  • Specializes in OSHA compliance training for various industries.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface and a wide range of course options.

5. Accredited BS – OSHA Training Courses

  • Accredited BS is a reputable provider of OSHA training courses.
  • Offers industry-specific training designed to ensure a safer and healthier workplace.

These providers are recognized for their commitment to safety education and their dedication to providing high-quality OSHA training. Be sure to explore their offerings, including the courses available at Accredited BS, to find the best fit for your specific needs.

Accredited Bilingual Safety

Accredited Bilingual Safety is a distinguished provider of OSHA training courses, recognized for its commitment to high-quality education in occupational safety. Their courses are designed to meet industry standards and ensure a safe work environment. With a comprehensive range of offerings, including interactive content and expert instruction, Accredited BS stands as a reliable choice for individuals and businesses seeking top-tier OSHA training.

Key Features:

Interactive Content: Accredited Bilingual Safety courses are enriched with interactive elements to enhance the learning experience, ensuring students remain engaged and informed.

Expert Instruction: Courses are developed and delivered by industry experts, guaranteeing up-to-date, relevant, and accurate information.

Flexible Learning: With convenient online access, learners have the flexibility to complete their training at their own pace, anytime and anywhere.

Official Certification: Successful completion of Accredited Bilingual Safety courses results in the issuance of official certificates, providing tangible proof of compliance with OSHA standards.

OSHA Education Center –

The OSHA Education Center delivers nationwide OSHA training courses catering to both general and construction workers. These courses are created in collaboration with the American Safety Council, and the OSHA Outreach programs are conducted in association with the University of South Florida. Employers across the United States rely on these courses to fulfill the stipulations outlined in 29 C.F.R. 1926.21(B)(2).


OSHA Study Guides: Access comprehensive OSHA training guides whenever you need them. They’re downloadable in PDF format.

Completion Certificate: OSHA Education Centre offers official certificates of completion, supporting OSHA certifications. Downloading them is quick and easy.

Audio Narration: In addition to case studies and interactive exercises, learners benefit from audio narration, enhancing the learning experience.

OECA Membership: Join the OSHA Education Center Association (OECA) for various perks, including course discounts, a bimonthly newsletter, and regular regulatory updates.

Pricing: Starts at $79 per course.

OSHAcademy –

OSHAcademy courses are widely recognized nationwide as some of the best OSHA training available. Users benefit from complimentary access to course materials, and these resources remain accessible for a lifetime. Charges apply only for additional items, ensuring affordability.


Users can conveniently access courses from various devices including smartphones, computers, tablets, and eReaders.

Key Features:

Student Dashboard: Registered students gain access to a free dashboard for tracking training progress, viewing scores, printing certificates, and more.

Short Courses: OSH Academy’s OSHA training programs include concise courses on crucial topics, ideal for microlearning.

Downloadable PDFs: Learners can directly download electronic PDF certificates from their training dashboard, in addition to receiving hard copies shipped to their address.

Safety Encyclopedia: This extensive resource pool, curated from diverse sources, aids in creating, designing, and sharing effective safety training programs within organizations.

Pricing: Courses start at $89 per course certificate.


360training is a renowned provider of workforce compliance training, featuring an extensive online OSHA course. Their training programs are designed to establish a secure, healthy, and financially stable environment for both individuals and organizations. With over 4 million customers globally, the company is a trusted industry leader.

Key Features:

Approved Content: The training programs incorporate content that holds approval from regulatory bodies spanning various industries.

Dedicated Account Manager: Every 360training customer receives the support of a seasoned and committed account manager. These managers ensure that training objectives are met and all compliance requirements are fulfilled.

LMS Platform: Effortlessly oversee OSHA training with 360training’s Learning Management System (LMS) platform. This streamlines workforce training from start to finish.

Reporting: Generate detailed training reports, ranging from progress data to comprehensive executive-level overviews.

Pricing: Courses start at $49 each.

Click Safety

Click Safety stands as a prominent figure in the realm of online safety compliance training. Its distinct reputation lies in its learner-centric and adaptable approach to online education. Endorsed by IACET, Click Safety boasts an in-house team comprising OSHA Authorized Trainers, Certified Safety Professionals, and other industry authorities, dedicated to curating and maintaining comprehensive and current courses.

Key Features:

Business Accounts: These specialized accounts are overseen by safety experts, offering a range of pricing options. Payment can be made per course or per student.

Learning Management System (LMS): Tailored for compliance training, the Click Safety LMS offers on-demand reporting. It facilitates the assignment of training on multiple tiers and automates the deployment of refresher training programs.

Microlearning & Benchmarking: Click Safety supports microlearning in addition to enabling the benchmarking of learner performance. This aids in identifying and rectifying compliance knowledge gaps.

Partnership Programs: Engage in strategic partnerships to gain access to updated content, enjoy price discounts, and receive support from dedicated account managers.

Pricing: Courses start at $79 each.

Choose the Best OSHA Training Courses

This compilation is designed to streamline your process of choosing OSHA courses. While each of these courses is a standout in the market, it ultimately depends on what aligns best with your specific requirements.
For a comprehensive selection, consider adding Accredited Bilingual Safety to your shortlist. Beyond the course, you’ll also gain access to Training Maker, a cloud-based LMS. This tool allows for seamless customization, sharing, and tracking of OSHA and other courses.

So finally, Don’t Risk Your Life on the Job: Get Site safety training courses For construction industry. Contact us at 646-766-9898 today to schedule your training program at https://www.accreditedbs.com/contact-us/.

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