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As an Authorized IACET Safety Training Provider, our mission at 1A Accredited Bilingual Safety Training, LLC is to help keep New York safe through educating students and training businesses on the latest and most up-to-date practices.

We’re working to become the premier authority on both health and safety and occupational safety in New York City. Safety is our passion, and as we educate, we hope to improve the safety culture in our local community and beyond.

1A Accredited Bilingual Safety Training’s primary focus is multilingual education, which we accomplish in two ways: by working with both businesses and improving their health and safety practices and individuals who wish to pursue a career in the industry. Our courses are created with not only the latest information in mind, but we’re also committed to delivering education to the highest standard with innovative approaches to pedagogy, as well as a strong sense of accountability for our staff.

Going forward, our goal is to become the internet’s “go-to” premiere online and digital safety provider for the nation. We will be establishing distance learning that is that’s fast, simple, efficient and on-point.

However, we believe we can only do this by focusing on one city, or region, at a time to ensure thoroughness. At the moment, we’ll be focusing primarily on New York safety standards.

As a New York-centered institution, we offer ongoing corporate development courses for businesses to help them keep their employees and customers safe.
As Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules are constantly evolving, our corporate sector evolves with them. As such, we’re always providing new and improved corporate educational and developmental courses to ensure that safety within the corporate environment is of utmost importance.

We’re always looking toward the latest federal, state, city and local changes in health and safety, and are constantly working to apply them into our curriculum. This ensures that both corporate and individual students will finish their course with the most up-to-date New York safety standards.

We also offer courses for individuals who wish to pursue a career in health and safety, helping them kick-start their future with a solid foundation and education. Our institution offers a holistic approach, where we work to help develop the individual’s skills, as well as their prospects and careers once they finish our courses. Our work with our students does not finish when they leave; instead, we work with them on their professional development and help place them with a well-suited job once they leave us.

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