SST Certification: How Do You Get an NYC SST Card?

SST Certification

SST Certification: How Do You Get an NYC SST Card?

Your boss insists on obtaining a fresh SST card before commencing your job?

The Site Safety Training (SST) program is relatively recent in New York City, which might be unfamiliar to you. It represents the most rigorous legal mandate for construction safety training nationwide.

In this article, we’ll address any queries you might have regarding New York City SST cards, including who requires them and the steps to acquire one.

What Exactly is an SST Card in NYC?

An SST card, or Site Safety Training card, serves as evidence that an individual has fulfilled the safety training prerequisites for a majority of construction workers in New York City.

While it is occasionally referred to as the OSHA SST card or OSHA 40 NYC, it’s worth noting that the Site Safety Training program is not mandated or endorsed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The association with OSHA arises from its widespread use as a term for workplace safety training, and OSHA Outreach courses are utilized to meet part of the SST criteria.

Who Needs a Site Safety Training Card?

As per the law, Site Safety Training cards are mandatory for workers and supervisors on job sites necessitating a Site Safety Plan. This encompasses roles like construction superintendents, site safety coordinators, and site safety managers.

But what does this entail?

Essentially, Site Safety Training is applicable to most of the construction or demolition sites in New York City. If your work is confined to 1-, 2-, or 3-family homes, an SST card may not be obligatory.

Do Independent Subcontractors Require an SST Card in NYC?

Local Law 196 does not provide exemptions based on company size or employment status. If you plan to engage in construction or demolition on a qualifying job site, holding an SST card is a requisite.

How to Attain an SST Card Initially, it is advisable to verify with your employer whether one is necessary. Certain site workers, such as flag persons and security officers, may not require it. Additionally, your employer can specify the level of training necessary.

Subsequently, you’ll need to identify a training provider approved by the New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB), the regulatory body for the SST program. Opting for a training program claiming to be SST but lacking DOB approval would be a futile investment of time and money.

Finally, you’ll need to determine the suitable SST certification package for your requirements.

Which Type of SST Certification is Appropriate?

The options have become more streamlined. Since the full implementation of Local Law 196 in 2021, there are two levels of training: Worker SST cards and Supervisor SST cards.

Supervisor SST cards are obligatory for roles such as Site Safety Managers, Site Safety Coordinators, Concrete Safety Managers, Construction Superintendents, and Competent Persons designated by the site’s Construction Superintendent. The Supervisor SST course encompasses 62 hours of training.

Non-supervisory personnel require the Worker SST card, which entails a 40-hour course. This is why it is occasionally referred to as OSHA 40 NYC.

How Long is a New SST Card Valid?

SST cards remain valid for a period of 5 years. The positive aspect is that renewal does not necessitate a complete course retake. Non-supervisory workers need an 8-hour refresher to sustain their SST certification, while supervisors require a 16-hour course. This extends the validity for another 5 years.

What Does SST Training Cover?

Broadly speaking, the 40-hour Site Safety Training curriculum for non-supervisory workers encompasses various prescribed courses covering topics like OSHA Outreach Training, Fall Prevention, Site Safety Manager Refresher, Supported Scaffold, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, as well as General and Special Electives.

The 62-hour supervisor curriculum incorporates all these elements along with additional components like Toolbox Talks, Pre-Task Safety Meetings, Site Safety Plan, and more.

Where Can You Access SST NYC Online?

NYC DOB-approved SST courses

As an OSHA-authorized training provider for over two decades, we offer NYC DOB-approved SST courses that can be completed online at your own pace. We provide a range of packages and individual courses to fulfill your SST requirements, ensuring you’re equipped with the necessary certification for your role in construction.

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