A Safety Revamp is Essential for New York’s Construction Sector

New York's Construction Sector

A Safety Revamp is Essential for New York’s Construction Sector

Construction, known as one of the most perilous industries globally, often fails to compensate its workers adequately for the associated risks. Despite the inherent dangers, numerous construction laborers find themselves earning little more than minimum wage, especially on projects receiving government subsidies. New York’s Construction Sector apparent injustice prompted Council member Ben Kallos to propose a bill in January 2019, advocating for prevailing wages and mandatory training for construction workers involved in subsidized projects.

Addressing the Disparity in Construction Worker Wages and Safety Measures

Prevailing Wages and Training as Imperatives for Safer Construction Practices

Kallos’ proposed bill emphasizes the need for prevailing wages, ensuring that those engaged in risky construction work are fairly remunerated. Furthermore, the bill underscores the importance of comprehensive training—both classroom and on the job—to prevent avoidable accidents and fatalities.

John O’Hare, managing director of the Building Contractors Association, supports this initiative, asserting that New York City has the right to link prevailing wages and apprenticeship training to any financial incentives offered to the private sector. The logic is clear: if you want the benefits, you must pay the wages.

Balancing Perspectives – Critics’ Concerns on Affordable Housing

However, critics, including the Real Estate Board of New York, express apprehension that higher labor costs could deter the construction of affordable housing. Kallos counters this argument, contending that low wages exacerbate the housing crisis by fueling demand for affordable housing among construction workers who can’t afford the homes they build.

Mitigating Risks Through Proper Training

While the construction industry inherently poses risks, effective training can significantly reduce the number of injuries and fatalities. It is emphasized that training is not solely for employees but is equally crucial for employers. Failure to provide adequate training and equipment can render employers liable for accidents, even when employees share some responsibility.

Questioning Statistics and Advocating for Safety Overhaul

Despite the recognized dangers in construction, discrepancies in reported fatalities raise concerns. In New York City, the Department of Buildings (DOB) reported 12 construction-related fatalities in 2017, while the Bureau of Labor Statistics cited 20. Mayor Bill de Blasio attributes this gap to “jurisdictional differences.” Furthermore, an increase in construction-related injuries in 2018, despite safety laws, highlights the need for a safety overhaul.

The Role of Legislation – Affordable New York and Its Limitations

Legislation like Affordable New York, enacted in 2017, aimed to enforce specific wages for projects seeking tax exemptions. However, the law’s impact appears insufficient, with loopholes allowing developers to sidestep safety measures.

Prioritizing Training for Safer Work Environments

Beyond wages, a pressing concern emerges: the lack of adequate training for construction workers. Private builders, often responsible for affordable housing projects, prioritize cost-saving measures, neglecting comprehensive training for their workforce. The article advocates for a dual approach—requiring a minimum of 40 hours of training alongside increased wage standards—to minimize safety risks associated with construction work.

In conclusion, the construction industry’s hazardous nature demands a comprehensive and balanced approach, ensuring fair compensation, rigorous training, and a commitment to safety standards.

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