1-Hour Electrocution Prevention

1-Hour Electrocution Prevention

This 1-Hour Electrocution Prevention General Electives training is required to complete the requisite number of hours to obtain a Site Safety Training card under Local Law 196. This course provides one hour towards the satisfaction of that requirement.

Electricity has long been recognized as a serious workplace hazard exposing employees to dangers, such as electric shocks, burns, and electrocution. Electrocution is death caused by an electric shock that gives exposure to lethal amounts of electricity. Electrocution is the third leading cause of death in the construction industry and is included in the OSHA’s “Construction Focus Four” top causes of construction deaths. The course will cover types of electrical hazards (electrocution, electric shock, burns, arc flash and arc blast, etc.), effects of electrical shocks to human body, control measures, common error traps, and basic principal of electricity and electrical circuits.

  • Online

    1 Hour

    USD $25
  • In-Classroom

    1 Hour

    USD $35

In-Classroom Schedule

SST General Elective

Start Date Time Location
June 9.00AM 124-14 Metropolitan Avenue Kew Gardens, NY 11415

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